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Contact Person – Mr. Errol Burnett
(Chief Food Storage Inspector)


Being the FSPID’s front-line unit, the Inspectorate and Disinfestation Unit is responsible for reducing food loss due to insect and rodent infestation and contamination to ensure that only safe and wholesome food is offered for sale to consumers.

Services Offered:

A shipment of contaminated rice being disposed of under the supervision of an FSPID inspector A phosphine fumigation being conducted
  1. Regulatory inspection of food and feed at ports of entry (including ships) and any food storage, manufacturing and retailing facility to ensure that food is safe and that food areas are suitable for food storage. Other establishments where food is prepared and/or consumed, e.g. hospitals, prisons, schools, etc. are inspected
  2. Random and/or selective sampling of inspected food and feed for analyses by FSPID’s laboratory services to ensure that commodities are free of insect and rodent infestation, microbial, chemical and physical contamination, biological toxins and radionuclides
  3. Disinfestation of food, feed and food facilities via fumigation, spraying, misting, fogging and rodent baiting
  4. Regulatory fumigation of used, imported tyres to prevent the entry and establishment of the Asian tiger mosquito
  5. Fumigation of imported tobacco, lumber, bamboo, straw and wicker craft and other agricultural products which are liable to infestation
  6. Fumigation of seeds for planting
  7. Consultation re food storage and pest management to minimize infestation and contamination and to facilitate disinfestation and inspection
  8. Provision of certificates for damaged/contaminated food and feed cargo attesting to type and amount of damage for insurance purposes
  9. Fumigation and provision of fumigation certificates for durable agricultural products such as pimento, cocoa, cola nuts, cotton and leather
  10. Evaluation of incoming cargo of food and feed to ascertain that commodities meet specifications of the purchasers
  11. Fumigation of libraries, library books and museums for preservation of material
  12. Pest control records review
The FSPID fumigation chamber Inspector Dennis DuCasse prepares to release the fumigant ECO2 Fume

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