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"The Health and Safety of the People is the Highest Law" - Cicero (The 12 Laws of Rome.)

The Food Storage and Prevention of Infestation Division (FSPID), which began operations in 1958, is a division of the Ministry of Industry, Investment & Commerce of Jamaica which operates under the Food Storage and Prevention of Infestation Act (1958) andRegulations (1973)

Headed by the Chief Food Storage Officer, the FSPID is mandated to ensure the safety and wholesomeness of all food and feed entering commerce in Jamaica.

These objectives are achieved through:

Inspection and disinfestation services conducted by the
Inspectorate and Disinfestation Unit

Laboratory services conducted by the

Entomology Unit
Rodent Biology and Control Unit
Microbiology Unit
Pesticide Residue and Mycotoxin Unit
Postharvest Technology Unit

Information dissemination provided by the 
Training and Information Unit.

Mission Statement
To provide technical and regulatory services to ensure the safety and wholesomeness of food/feed entering commerce through sound scientific principles in a timely and professional manner.

Vision Statement
A division which is equipped, structured and staffed with qualified and competent persons to properly implement Government’s policies.





Message from the 
Chief Food Storage Officer

In this, the 53rd year of the FSPID’s existence, our drive to ensure safety and wholesome is ever increasing. In fact, with the establishment of awestern office in 2007 and the launch of ourNational Food Safety Compliance Programme in 2008, we have doubled our efforts in conducting island wide inspections and maintaining compliance with the Food Storage and Prevention of Infestation Act andRegulations. Not to be left out, all of the FSPID’s five laboratories are now undergoing the ISO 17025 accreditation process.

In addition to this, the Government opened the Jamaican Import/Export Inspection Centre (“One Stop Shop”) at ports of entry in Kingston in 2009. This One Stop Shop – in which the FSPID has an integral role - will reduce the bureaucratic red tape for importers and allow for greater collaboration among Government entities when conducting inspections.

At this time when our island and the world at large are facing severe challenges, I hereby assure you that the FSPID will assiduously continue to play its part in ensuring a better life for all Jamaicans. Reflecting on the achievements of the FSPID since our genesis in 1958, I have no doubt that our team of well-qualified professionals will meet future challenges with innovation, determination and passion and ensure that Jamaica reaches greater heights.

God bless you all.

Roy McNeil


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