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Training & Information Unit

Contact Person – Ms. Tamara Morrison
(Senior Food Storage Scientist)

This unit provides training and information in integrated pest management and food storage, handling and transportation.

Services Offered:

Ms. Tamara Morrison lectures a group of agro-processors in Port Antonio
The FSPID library
  1. Designing, developing, conducting and/or coordinating training programmes, workshops, seminars, symposia, etc. for the food industry, pest control operators and the general public with regard to:
    a) integrated pest management in food and food related areas
    b) pesticide application (fumigation, spraying, misting, fogging and baiting) in food and food related areas;
    c) the identification, biology and control of pests of food and food areas (e.g. stored product pests, rodents, cockroaches);
    d) the proper storage, handling and transportation of food;
    e) inspection, sampling, sanitation, proofing and hygiene in the food areas;
    f) the HACCP system;
    g) food microbiology, mycotoxins and postharvest technology
  2. Provides/organizes consultations in the above listed areas
  3. Produces books, booklets, handouts, brochures, etc. re integrated pest management, food storage, micro-organisms, chemical residues in food and feed, biological toxins and other topics having an impact on food safety
  4. Provides and facilitates in-house training of FSPID staff on various topics including integrated pest management, factors affecting food in storage, sampling, the HACCP system, micro-organisms and laboratory techniques
  5. Provides FSPID staff and the food industry with the latest information re pest management and food storage techniques
  6. Regulates pest control operators
  7. Facilitates the disposal of unwanted and outdated pesticides
  8. Consultation with pest control operators and food storage, manufacturing and retailing facilities in order for them to attain the required operating standards
  9. Provides technical information on the types of pesticides allowed for use in food and food related areas
  10. Revises and updates the FSPI Act and Regulations
  11. Oversees the FSPID’s public relations programme

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Past Training Sessions:
Fumigation Training Programme
Mothers IPM Seminar
Customer Service Training
Post Harvest Workshop

Training Programmes


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