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FSPID training programmes cover topics such as pesticide application, identification and characteristics of pests of food areas, non-chemical pest control methods and food storage and handling methods, all geared towards ensuring the safety and wholesomeness of food. These training programmes will be advantageous to persons desirous of:
(i) enhancing the profile and reputation of their food storage, manufacturing or retailing facilities and hence product marketability;
(ii) complying with the Food Storage and Prevention of Infestation Act (1958) and Regulations (1973);
(iii) ensuring that pest control methods (e.g. pesticide application) are carried out safely and effectively;
(iv) meeting requirements of other Government bodies (e.g. commercial pesticide application).
(v) developing HACCP systems (which will have national and international benefits);

Mr. Eban Hutton addresses a group of fumigation trainees

FSPID trainers are well equipped to conduct training, having had theoretical experience at the university level and years of practical experience in pest control techniques as well as certification from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency in HACCP system development and auditing.

The training programmes will consist of a series of lectures supported by the use of modern audiovisual equipment, handouts, case studies, practical demonstrations and an evaluation of the participants and the course. These programmes may be designed to meet the specific needs of participants e.g. training in phosphine use only or training in German cockroach control.

Training Costs
The FSPID may be contacted for costing of its various training programmes. Costs are dependent on the number of participants and the length of training. Training may be conducted at the FSPID’s offices or at a venue more convenient to the participants. Group rates may be discussed as well as rates for continuous training. The FSPID may also be contacted to give lectures and talks at schools, seminars, workshops, community group meetings, etc.

Feel free to view some of the FSPID’s training programmes outlined above and contact the FSPID for further information.


Training Programmes Details
Spraying, Misting & Fogging
Rodent Biology & Control
Integrated Pest Management
Basic Food Microbiology


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