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Postharvest Handling of Fresh Agricultural Produce Workshop

The FSPID’s Postharvest Technology Unit conducted a two-day workshop entitled “Postharvest Handling of Fresh Agricultural Produce” on October 26 and 27, 2010. Nineteen supermarket operators attended the workshop.

Venessa Tomlinson and Sheron Evans-McFarlane of the Postharvest Technology Unit interact with participants of the workshop

The objectives of the workshop were to familiarize participants with:

(i) Signs of harvest maturity

(ii) Harvesting and handling techniques

(iii) Packaging and transportation procedures

(iv) Physiological disorders

(v) Postharvest pests and diseases

All attendees received certificates of participation.

Mr. Donald Hinds, the FSPID’s Deputy Food storage Officer, presents a participant with her certificate.



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