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Mr. Roy H. McNeil
Chief Food Storage Officer

Mr. McNeil began his career at the FSPID in 1998 as a Senior Food Storage Scientist in the Training and Information Unit. In January 2004, he assumed duties as the Chief Food Storage Officer.

Mr. McNeil’s responsibility as director of the FSPID is to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of the Jamaican government’s regulatory and surveillance programme in food safety. He also functions as advisor to the Ministry of Industry, Investment & Commerce on food safety matters.

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Mr. Martin Townsend
Deputy Food Storage Officer (Acting)

Mr. Townsend joined the Rodent Biology and Control Unit of the FSPID in 1990 and was subsequently promoted to the senior post in the unit in 1994. Mr. Townsend has acted in the posts of Deputy Food Storage Officer and Chief Food Storage Officer of the FSPID on several occasions. In addition to assisting the Chief Food Storage Officer, the Deputy Food Storage Officer has direct responsibility for the FSPID’s Laboratory Services.

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Mrs. Tamara Moore
Senior Food Storage Scientist, Pesticide Residue & Mycotoxin Unit

Mrs. Sheron Evans-McFarlane
Senior Food Storage Scientist, Postharvest Technology Unit

Ms. Antoinette James
Senior Food Storage Scientist, Rodent Biology & Control Unit

Ms. Tamara Morrison
Senior Food Storage Scientist, Training & Information Unit

Mr. Errol Burnett
Chief Food Storage Inspector, Inspectorate & Disinfestation Unit

Ms. Paula Adams
Senior Food Storage Scientist, Microbiology Unit

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