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Contact Person - Ms. Antoinette James
(Senior Food Storage Scientist)


This unit is directly responsible for reducing rodent (rat and mouse) populations in and around food and feed facilities in order to control the spread of disease, damage and loss of food so that local and international standards can be met.

Services Offered:

Rats being bred in the Rodent
Biology and Control Laboratory
This rice shipment was inspected
and found to be contaminated
with rodent faeces and urine

1. Rodent control programmes in food manufacturing, storage and retailing facilities. Control programmes for prisons, post offices, schools, hospitals, etc. may also be conducted

2. Bioassays of local and imported rodenticides in order to guarantee efficacy against rodent pests and safety to non-target organisms

3. Assistance to manufacturers of rodenticides by conducting laboratory and field tests

4. Inspection and consultation re rodent control

5. Rodent species identification tests

6. Provision of live rodents for use in educational institutions and other laboratories

7. Consultation and dissemination of information with regard to rodent biology (including diseases), control, sanitation and proofing.

Marlon Osbourne addresses a group
of U-Tech students






Laboratory services are conducted by the:

Entomology Unit

Rodent Biology and Control Unit

Microbiology Unit

Pesticide Residue and Mycotoxin Unit

Postharvest Technology Unit


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