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Contact Person – Mrs. Sheron Evans-McFarlane (Senior Food Storage Scientist)

The objective of this unit is to reduce postharvest loss of perishable commodities entering commerce.

Services Offered:

FSPID staff members participate in
a sensory evaluation of stored
sweet potato conducted by the
Post-harvest Technology Unit.
The Post-harvest Technology Unit
team evaluating cassava tubers
after eight weeks of storage

1. Provides solutions to postharvest problems confronting the exporter, retailer and farmer so that losses due to deterioration of perishables (e.g. fruits, vegetables, root crops and ornamentals) during handling, packaging and transportation are minimized

2. Consultations re proper handling methods, appropriate packaging techniques, storage conditions and methods, proper transportation and floor plan design of packing houses

3. Training in postharvest technology

4. Research for clients requiring adapted technology as certain conditions may have to be modified to suit the local environment

5. Keeps farmers, retailers and exporters up to date with technology through adaptive research

6. Inspection of supermarkets, packing houses and other food storage facilities.

Cassava tubers being examined in the unit's environmental chamber.





Laboratory services are conducted by the:

Entomology Unit

Rodent Biology and Control Unit

Microbiology Unit

Pesticide Residue and Mycotoxin Unit

Postharvest Technology Unit


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