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Contact Person – Mrs. Tamara Moore
(Senior Food Storage Scientist)


This laboratory has the responsibility of ensuring that foods and feeds do not contain pesticide, other chemical residues and mycotoxins above acceptable levels.

Services Offered:

1. Chemical, pesticide and/or mycotoxin analyses of a wide variety of commodities including:
a) canned products, fish, poultry, soups and shellfish;
b) processed foods (e.g. cheese, pastry, noodles, cream-filled cakes);
c) powdered milk and milk products;
d) boxed and canned juices and drinks:
e) raw materials used in food processing;
f) animal and pet feed;
g) spices, condiments and agricultural produce (e.g. pimento, ginger, cocoa beans, turmeric);
h) fruits and vegetables;
i) durable commodities e.g. rice, corn, flour;
j) damaged/contaminated cargo re providing certificates to insurance companies;
k) water.

2 a) Pesticide formulation analyses
b) Household chemicals formulation analyses

3. Pesticide residue maximum residue limit (MRL) monitoring

4. Rancidity testing

5. Consultation re minimizing pesticide residue and other chemical contamination

6. Determination of pesticide and mycotoxin residues for exporters for issuance of export certificates

7. Site inspection of commodities contaminated with pesticide, chemical and/or mycotoxin residues with a view to preventing and controlling contamination

A Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometer which is used to detect pesticide residues The Pesticide Residue and Mycotoxin Laboratory





Laboratory services are conducted by the:

Entomology Unit

Rodent Biology and Control Unit

Microbiology Unit

Pesticide Residue and Mycotoxin Unit

Postharvest Technology Unit


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