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Contact Person – Ms. Tamara Morrison
(Senior Food Storage Scientist)


This laboratory is responsible for verifying and ensuring the wholesomeness of dried food commodities (e.g. cereals, baked products, legumes, spices) by conducting qualitative and quantitative analyses of food for insects, insect fragments and extraneous matter.

Services Offered:

Tamara Morrison prepares to set an insect pheromone trap Hubert Gray conducts insect
  1. Insect fragment analyses of food and feed
  2. Insect detection, count, identification and quantification to prevent loss and tainting of food
  3. Extraneous matter analyses to detect rodent hairs and other filth
  4. Moisture content determination of durable commodities such as peanuts, rice and wheat
  5. Consultation re drying and storage techniques to prevent infestation and mould growth
  6. Small scale fumigation, e.g. seeds and ethnic products intended for export to meet phytosanitary requirements and seed viability
  7. Germination tests of seeds for planting
  8. Grading service for grains and legumes
  9. Radionuclide level and silver nitrate tests
  10. Certification of commodities
  11. Bioassays of insecticides to determine their efficacy and recommended dosage rates.
Dr. Grace-Ann Biggs-Allen evaluates
the viability of the unit's insect cultures
Dr. Grace-Ann Biggs-Allen conducting
in-house training
Hubert Gray addresses a group of
students as they tour the Entomology





Laboratory services are conducted by the:

Entomology Unit

Rodent Biology and Control Unit

Microbiology Unit

Pesticide Residue and Mycotoxin Unit

Postharvest Technology Unit


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